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There is much debate over the degree online university. This form of training, many people share the opinion that too young, that online colleges and universities in the real world, to offer, to provide the same level of training of conservative views. The more that people have a university degree online, and even worse when it becomes what degree of priority to the owner of the traditional university to hire a new employee. However, if it is assumed that differs from the prior art, Distance Learning, be a new format that actually have not been tested or online university? To answer these questions, a brief history lesson will be useful for a very traditional view of all, you need to first go at us, of course.

Distance education is not a new form, as a rule, such as people think. It comes from a relatively new technology does an online colleges can be, but the approach is not a new method. Practice of distance education, may have been taken much earlier, very high, but the ads Caleb Phillips, it gives a lesson by e-mail using the traditional placed in a Boston newspaper documentary evidence of his first It comes from the 18th century in advertising services to teachers. The concept of distance education based e-mail, has become in the 19th century with the rapid development of rail that is allowed to deliver mail much faster than usual, even. University of London, this has led to the fact that it is the creation of the first official establishment of the Department of Distance Education, educational institutions, many others have followed immediately.

A new form of communication since been developed in the 20th century, and the introduction of distance education, I brought more changes. Radio, and later, telegraph, television, has revolutionized the share, as people information. Instead, now, wait a few months of a letter a day to be delivered only takes a few seconds to get the message. Then, watching the new technology applied to education, and that was not surprising. As the primary means of disseminating information in a certain region of the educational network in the 1950s and 1960s, with the radio or television, it was created. One notable example is the work of Charles Wedemeyer friend at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who laid the foundations of the concept of the Open University has been very successful, which has been adopted in many countries around the world. This university, many students attended than can establish traditional physical pleasure through the use of radio and television. When set, even if there is the first online university, there is a large pool of trained professionals using distance learning before.

In the 1990s, not the way people interact, the rapid development of the Internet has changed the concept. Anyone who wants to communicate with the teachers of the extent of the continents and countries, other online university it is compared to other forms of distance learning is actually much closer to the time in general has become much easier. Today you are you just in time, and from time to time streaming of lectures, you can forget that it is not in the class is easy when you are learning online university or recorded there a lot, there is a true teacher of traditional universities, as they can interact with them, as well. This is because the technology of virtual reality, which is more complex, it is applied in the near future to see the closest resemblance to real education is not difficult. But even now, distance education, it is inferior to the normal degree online colleges there. In the end, it does not matter how people can get information or for real? Or become a professional who has received better training, they will make you more important than how to interpret the processes that make use of it in this area?